Mitch Marner pushes blame on Leafs teammates in bad loss to Sharks

The Leafs forced me to stay up past midnight only to watch them fall apart in the third period against the Sharks. To make things worse, Mitch Marner decided to sound off on his injury-ridden defence core as a scapegoat.

The loss to the Sharks was unacceptable. Unbelievable goaltending from Jack Campbell goes wasted, Auston Matthews’ 46th goal of the season is overlooked, and a highlight-reel goal from Marner is overshadowed, all by this loss.

The last aspect, Marner’s through-the-legs ridiculous backhand goal being overshadowed is now all of his own doing:

Yup, the same player who has just three goals in his last fifteen games has decided to call out his teammates, including an injury-ridden D-core, after that bad loss to the Sharks. The very same player that crippled two powerplays with his poor puck control, as well as the 6-5 to end the game because he couldn’t receive a pass.

Marner wasn’t asked who is to blame for the Leafs loss in his post-game press conference, but he could have taken the opportunity in breaking down the loss (where he sewered his teammates) to put the blame on himself as a leader. Marner should have challenged himself and stuck up for his teammates ahead of a hugely crucial stretch of games in this playoff push, proving he is a team leader in an attempt to inspire some fight.

Again, after his summer hold out which led to an overpayment from Leafs management, Mitch Marner, the lauded hometown kid, is proving more than ever he is disconnected from the team, the fans, and everything Leafs Nation with his blame pushing.

Losses should be galvanizing, not polarizing for a team as young and promising as this iteration of the Leafs is. Marner is proving at an increasing rate that when you buy your own hype, you become deluded, and his lack of awareness around the team is becoming shockingly tone-deaf.

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6 thoughts on “Mitch Marner pushes blame on Leafs teammates in bad loss to Sharks”

  1. Where do I find GIVE AWAY stats, per player, per game, per team, per anything…. I know they are out there. I just cannot see them???

      1. In the stupid emotional assumptions and insinuations, obviously. In the attempt to manufacture some drama based on very little actually harm. It’s melodrama in hockey form. Idiotic.

      2. If everyone, including you in this comment, is free to share opinion, why is this interpretation so upsetting? Feel free to share a different viewpoint on it!

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