This is the most unlikable, embarrassing Maple Leafs team

The Leafs just lost a home game to the Carolina Hurricanes with a 42-year-old AHL Zamboni driver in net for the Canes. This is a new rock bottom for the team, after the most embarrassing regular-season loss, maybe ever.

The Leafs weren’t playing good enough after the first period in this game. A lucky bounce found Alex Kerfoot backdoor for a sneaky goal, but with starter James Reimer out and Petr Mrazek coming in cold off a back-to-back, things were looking up.

Fast-forward and now, Mrazek gets decked by Clifford and is knocked out of the game, Brett Pesce is also knocked out of the game, and AHL Zamboni driver, David Ayers is now in goal for Carolina. The Hurricanes pushed their lead to 4-1 on a remarkably quick burst in the second, but back-to-back shots from Tavares and Engvall went in on Ayers putting the Leafs back within one heading into the third.

What followed was the biggest pants shitting I’ve ever seen. Put every player out to face the media as well as the coach because the Leafs genuinely failed to put together a genuine effort in a game that was more than in-hand DEEP in a playoff race.

No shots, no chances, no effort, no puck battling, no anything. This team sucked in HD tonight and allowed, and I absolutely do mean to be repetitive here, a 42-year-old Zamboni driver shut them out in the third period.

Two goalies down, a top-defenseman out injured mid-game, and the Leafs couldn’t muster enough presence to hold possession and get shots on net. The embarrassing third period was punctuated with the world NHL powerplay I’ve ever seen. Four Hurricanes players standing on the blueline completely shut down the PP in this game, but legitimately sacred the Leafs into tripping and falling over themselves in the third period.

Good lord, this team tests me. I will be a Leaf fan for the rest of my life and will never give that up. That being said, this group of players lacks character, hard-work, and any sort of leadership. That includes John Tavares who, alongside Mitch Marner, has been an absolute zero this season.

This team deserves every boo they get after this. They aren’t good enough in any way and this embarrassing loss highlights why. They deserve the boos, they deserve the eventual playoff miss, they deserve the criticism over their play, and they deserve the speculation of a roster blow up in the offseason after this exposing, unacceptable loss.

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      1. the zamboni driver didn’t beat the leafs they beat themselves again. Good bye playoffs

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