The Maple Leafs are dumb thicc and Babcock wants you to know about it

It’s a Monday, it’s a game day, and it’s also the jumping-off point for Mike Babcock to get all sorts of personal with his thicc ass grinders on this roster.

The Leafs are coming off of a really back-and-forth overtime win over Boston on Saturday night. The team depth was challenged without John Tavares and points from Johnsson, Gauthier, Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Timashov, and Muzzin all point to a resounding success by the group as a whole.

To what does all-wise, all-knowing, and al-ways right Mike Babcock attribute this success to? The size of Johnsson, Moore, and Timashov’s asses.

I highly doubt the ever-reputable Kristen Shilton would have imagined her years of education and experience would culminate into reporting on the size and corresponding physical dominance the Leafs’ grinders asses, but alas. What a world we live in.

No one likes pumping the tires of the Leafs smaller, tougher players more than Babcock so the intent behind the comment makes sense plus its comedic genius to make professional journalists write down what you’re saying when you’re commenting on your players’ asses. I thank God he didn’t just applaud their grit and effort here. Sexualize these grinders, Babs, and as they pad their stats you pat their asses.

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