Stefon Diggs was right, Kirk Cousins is good, and we’re all happy!

Just three weeks ago the Vikings were 2-2, Stefon Diggs was calling out his coaching staff, Kirk Cousins couldn’t throw the ball and things were looking pretty grim. Oh, the wonders a three-game winning streak can do for a team and a fanbase!

Stefon Diggs was right

After not reporting to practice for a non-injury related absence Diggs offered an ominous statement for the media: “The space that we’re in right now, definitely, it’s a lot of questions. I can’t stand up here and act like everything is OK, because it’s obviously not. What I can say is, at this point, I’m just trying to work through it.”

Diggs had only 12 targets in his first three weeks, resulting in six catches, 101 receiving yards, and one touchdown. His frustration with his lack of usage was justified, but no one really expected the Minnesota-loving Diggs to have an outburst like this.

Hindsight now shows that not only was Diggs right, but he may also have actually helped motivate offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski to rethink his run-only offensive scheme. With the number of offensive tools in the passing game, it only makes sense that an offensive that is balanced between run and pass would succeed over a one-dimension approach.

Cutting Kirk Cousins loose with Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, Olabisi Johnson, Irv Smith Jr., and Kyle Rudolph to match Dalvin Cook and Alex Mattison on the ground was what was needed by the Vikings. Diggs has since gone 23/30 for 461 yards and three touchdowns. Man, it’s good to have the old Diggs back!

Kirk Cousins is good

In the past three weeks, Kirk Cousins has looked like the promising guy we signed out of Washington a few seasons ago. He’s been mobile, he’s disguising the run game, he’s bootlegging his ass off, and he’s throwing the ball. With the tools on this team, the Vikings don’t need Brett Favre to make the offense tick, and a more unpredictable game plan has confirmed this with Cousins tearing up the opposition.

He’s gone for 300+ yards in three straight games totaling 976 yards and a TD/INT ratio of 10/1. Against the divisional opponent Detroit Lions, we saw Diggs get the lion’s share of targets, Olabisi Johnson get his first career touchdown, CJ Ham record his first receiving TD, Rudolph get back in the endzone, and Adam Thielen catch a highlight-reel TD before exiting with a hamstring injury early in the game. All thrown by Cousins.

He’s got that “you like that?!?” swagger back and is leading his team on the field. With a newly designed game plan from OC Stefanski, Cousins has impressed in the past three weeks.

We’re all happy!

The Vikings defense took a game off against Marvin Jones Jr. and we still got the win on the back of the Cousins-led offense! Not bad! It’s always important to grind out wins when you aren’t playing your best, learning a lesson along the way while not dropping another divisional game. Rest assured, as well, Mike Zimmer will be laying into his defense after this last game.

The critics and self-doubting Vikings fans will say “yeah well look at the teams the Vikings have played in the last three weeks, do it against Green Bay and then we’ll talk.” To that I say, we can only play the teams that are on the schedule. No amount of hate will deflate this win streak, and derail the momentum gained by the Purple and Gold. Things are moving in the right direction right now and we should all be happy.

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