In case of emergency hammer “the Money Line”

The Maple Leafs officially have a new line to boast. Not since the skyline of Ponikarovsky – Antropov – Nieuwendyk and the introduction of “the skyline” has there been a solid unit name… until now.

Before “the Skyline”, which was given to Ponikarovsky – Antropov – Nieuwendyk because they were all above 6′ tall, has there been a nicknamed line for the Leafs. Before them, “The Hound Line” was made up of Wendel Clark – Russ Courtnall – Gary Leeman and given this name due to their grinding play style as well as their history playing with the Notre Dame Hounds.

Flash forward to now and the Leafs have a new line nickname… well, kind of. Against the Minnesota Wild last night, we saw something exciting happen, a glitch in the Matrix even. A broken line change left Matthews on the ice with John Tavares and Mitch Marner. What ensued was a pretty passing play and a goal seconds after the trio was united.

Sure, it wasn’t on purpose but the offensive excellence (despite some slow starts) on the ice was undeniable and proved to be impactful, too. It probably pissed off Babcock to no end that Trevor Moore, Tavares and Marner’s new LW, wasn’t able to make the ice but there may be a new tactic born out of this mistake.

I present to you… “The Money Line”. Not only a gambler’s risk, “the Money Line” is an appropriate nickname for the three-man unit whose salary cap hit equals $33.527 million dollars. Mike Babcock’s emergency offensive lifeline.

Don’t expect to see this unit link up often, but when an offensive spark is needed, Mike Babcock has a pretty solid trump card in his pocket: deploy “the Money Line” and watch the goals pour in. It’s not a bad idea to have an emergency back up play and Babcock certainly has that in this expensive but oh so talented line.

Please send all cash endorsements and claims to the Rival Sports for the creation of this awesome nickname.

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