Yes, Maple Leafs, I am ready to run through a brick wall – season hype video is here

Nothing is better than the annual Toronto Maple Leafs hype video getting released to get the juices flowing. The 2019/20 video is here and the question has been asked, who’s ready to run through a brick wall.

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Without hesitation, the answer is yes. With the theme of “the next chapter” as the message in the video, the goal of erasing the marks left from seasons prior falls on the landscape of downtown Toronto. Blue paint in hand, here it is:

The unexpected best part of all of this is the tweet to follow and the answer it conjured up…

Couple things going on here: our GM is on twitter pumping up the fanbase with his pro-Leafs tweets, he’s ready to go through a brick wall with his grandma who he tagged, and the Leafs Twitter admin’s gif game is on point.

One day left before the puck drops and I believe I can speak for every card-carrying member of Leafs Nation when I say it can’t come soon enough. The video encapsulates everything Leafs fans want from this season, which is basically just one thing. No more living on the history of the franchise and no more relying on on-paper talent. Rewrite the script and earn everything yourselves. Time to define the new era Leafs.

Me RN:

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