Leafs new alternative logo leaked in Blue Print video

The Leafs are at it again! Brenden Shanahan, Kyle Dubas, and the rest of the Maple Leafs brass have turned to team-created media projects to leak information to Leafs Nation, this time it’s a new logo.

Not since the oh so 2000s shoulder patch that read TML, crusted in silver and punctuated with pointed ends to each letter have the Leafs had a letter based alternative logo. That is, until now. Twitter sleuths have identified a new lettered logo for the upcoming season and here it is:

That looks pretty damn cool, a lot cooler than the dated TML from years prior. It isn’t easy to make a blue and white colour scheme look cutting edge but the revamped Leafs logo leaning on history and new-age clean lines did that in spades. This too adds to the minimalistic esthetic the team is going towards and I’m here for it.

The only other letter we need is the C on the front of the jersey and it appears we all should have taken the under on the ‘before Christmas’ timeline Babcock gave out. Yes, the coach himself has declared that the Buds will have a new captain heading into the 2019/20 season for tomorrow’s opener.

God, could things get any more exciting right now in Leafs Nation?

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