ICYMI: Auston Matthews killed a man in preseason game

Preseason is preseason. Players are getting used to their new linemates, reacquainting themselves with old linemates, and getting up their fitness levels for the new season ahead. This fact makes the Auston Matthews homicide all the more gruesome.

Ottawa Senators fans who seem to think the imaginary points they’ve collected in the preseason will carry over into their likely basement-dwelling season, we put in their place last night despite winning the shinny match with the Leafs.

Why? Because Auston Matthews absolutely buried… *checks notes, goes on HockeyDB.com* Scott Sabourin on the ice last night. In a graphic scene shown below, Matthews effectively stole the soul out of this career AHLer, making him go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Thoughts and prayers.

After a few shady plays by *checks notes again* Sabourin, including a slew foot on Morgan Rielly, Auston Matthews, the Leafs all but announced captain, stepped up to see who the Slap Shot extra was who was trying to make an impact. Much like I did, Matthews had to check the back of 49’s jersey to actually see who this guy’s name, and it didn’t seem like it rung a bell.

If you want to see fewer and fewer NHL players take the risk of playing in preseason games you can thank the collective efforts of grocery sticks like Sabourin who think injuring league stars like Morgan Rielly will earn themselves a career in the show.

Matthews and his slick bandito moustache won’t have any issues racking up kills this season, but an early preseason homicide sets the tone for the season. Rest in peace, Sabourin, Leafs Nation hopes whatever affiliate league that needs a little sandpaper on their bottom unit enjoys the energy you bring to the game.

Oh, and Matthews went off for two goals in the game including a batted in rebound and a post-and-in snipe on the PP. Kids off to a hot start.

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