Carlton the Bear has all but confirmed it: Auston Matthews is the next Leafs captain

Don’t let the Mitch Marner contract extension distract you from the real story here – the Leafs are announcing a captain soon and now, Carlton the Bear is factoring in.

Firstly, let me apologize for the obvious, glaring error in the previous blog (seen here). The video of John Tavares calling Matthews “Captain Matt’s” is from the All-Star game and not an announcement video leak. The picture with the stitching of the “C” was legit, though, so I’m not a complete asshole.

The moustache wasn’t there on Matthews and not recognizing that cookie duster is a newly christened Maple Leaf Cardinal Sin. Now, onto the juicy stuff. The plot thickens on Auston Matthews being the next captain of the Leafs with Carlton the Beat mixing in now:

In a post with the caption, and I kid you not here, “Ahoy, Captain”, Carlton the fucking Bear has a hidden Auston Matthews jersey under his seat.

Shout out to @junotheleafs for the detective work here, Leafs Nation is a much more interesting place with people like you doing the work that you do in it; thank you for your service.

The question now becomes this: Are the Maple Leafs really this dumb? If John Ferguson Jr. and Ron Wilson were still running the show here then the obvious answer would be yes. However, Shanahan, Dubas, and Babcock are all business and don’t leave much unmeasured in the way of leaks.

I don’t think much is unmeasured by the Leafs front office so this, combined with the Matthews still image with the “C” stitching, could be the Marner contract smokescreen the team needed to get the deal over the line.

Marner is signed long term and now he and Tavares are off to Newfoundland to join Carlton and the crew for training camp. Enough is enough with the hidden images and gimmicks. It’s go-time and the Leafs are about to name Auston Matthews their next team captain. Get the sewing machine out.

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