The latest Zach Hyman injury update is the best sports tweet of 2019

Have you ever had your heart broken so you play extra emotional music to compound the issue, making it worse but also inspiring you to move on an get better? Because Zach Hyman has, and he is currently trying to glow up and move on after his injury-forced (temporary) break up with hockey.

The latest tweet from NHL writer for SportsNet, Luke Fox, proves the previous statement and again puts me in awe of Zach Hyman and his rehabilitation from an ACL injury:

No, Luke, you couldn’t make it up, and I wouldn’t believe you if you did. Is this the single greatest quote about the Leafs since the inception of Twitter on March 21, 2006? It very well might be; I certainly can’t think of anything that would top this.

I previously asked the very capital-J Journalism question: “Is Zach Hyman actually just Wolverine?” after he was on the ice ahead of schedule after offseason knee surgery. Now, however, a new question has arisen: “Is Zach Hyman is an emotionally charged man, ready to springboard off of the chart-topping success of Justin Timberlake to smash rehab schedules and take the NHL by storm?”

Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, this tweet is hilarious and awesome for the mental picture it creates of Hyman ripping home shots, cursing his mortal ligaments, and pushing himself to be a better man for the Leafs.

If I’m the Boston Bruins right now, I’m shaking in my skates.

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