Wake up with Vladdy Guerrero Jr. smashing a classic homerun

The Blue Jays have already won the series with the Yankees ahead of game three. Game two was a showcase of home run crushing strength and team hitting led by the ever so legendary Vlad Guerrero Jr.

Guerrero’s three-run homer in the bottom of the 8th inning gave the Jays the lead as well as flashbacks to his dad hitting dogshit pitches out of stadiums:

The deep, one-handed swing on a ball that was an inch off the dirt – it’s an absolute carbon copy of Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and some of his absurd home runs. As much as the hitting gene clearly got passed on, so to did the clutch gene. Jr. bashed that ball in a time where the Yankee’s superior bullpen should have taken over this game. Instead,

The youth movement was working last night in the Big Smoke, with Guerrero leading the way. Gurriel scored twice on two walks, Jansen had a hit an a walk, Guerrero had two hits for himself including this three-run bomb, Cavan Biggio had a hit, two walks, and an RBI, and Teoscar Hernandez had a pair of doubles in his return to the big league club.

Shout out toe Randall Grichuk and Brandon Drury, too. The two more veteran players collectively had three home runs on four hits totaling four RBI’s to keep the Jays in the game. It’s early but it appears bringing in Drury and extending Grichuk is paying off for Atkins and Shapiro.

The team that is often criticized for not being competitive enough, but that’s simply not true as proved last night. The young-guns will get more and more comfortable with MLB pitching, and with that will come development and progress in the wins/losses column. One thing is certain when the bats are working, this team is VERY fun to watch.

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