Are Toronto Blue Jays fans the LEAST informed fanbase?

The Toronto Blue Jays are 62 games into the season and some fans are still shocked that the team isn’t pushing for the playoffs. The complete lack of understanding on what this team is built to do is astounding and really sheds light on the title question: are Toronto Blue Jays fans the least informed fanbase?

The short answer is an emphatic NO. But some can’t seem to grasp the idea of a rebuild and what it entails.

Rebuild. Say it with me, re-build.

Look over to the Toronto Maple Leafs of a few years ago. They brought in a management team to fill the cupboard with prospects and develop them, brought in a coach that has an individual style of managing his team, and insulated a young core with NHL veterans who would later be sold for prospects or picks.

Look around, Jays fans, that’s what’s happening here. The Toronto Blue Jays are amidst a rebuild, and while the product on the field isn’t all too exciting right now, it is well on it’s way to being a fully loaded, threatening AL East beast.

I guess the hardest part to swallow with the rebuild was the illusion that the team didn’t need to be rebuilt because of the success in the 2015 and 2016 season. Back-to-back playoff appearances with one down season to follow made the nose-dive into a rebuild a shocking turn of events.

However, when evaluating the farm system, it was needed. As great of a job as Alex Anthopoulos did bringing in top-tier talent, it was at the expense of prospects and draft picks. Now with Shapiro and Atkins at the helm, the Blue Jays have focused more on compiling and developing prospects to become MLB stars over selling them for aging veterans.


The frankly rude question this blog is focused around (are Blue Jays fans uneducated), is not directed at most members of the Blue Jays fanbase. No, it’s towards the loud minority who take to social media to either troll other fans or voice their displeasure while simultaneously boasting their lack of education on the process.

Drown out the negativity with realistic and appropriate expectations for a young, growing team. Losing can’t become an accepted norm, however, but the desire to prove their MLB chops should keep the young core motivated to continue performing all season long.

Jays fans can look to the Leafs and Mike Babcock for an immediate understanding of the rebuild process. Namely that pain is coming. Most of this pain has already happened or is currently happening so that’s a positive. The other biggest positive is the likes of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Cavan Biggio, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Rowdy Tellez, and Danny Janson already making an impact on the team and getting MLB experience.

Prepare for veterans to leave like Stroman, Sanchez, and Giles, and prepare for more losses. Bide your time with the losses, though. The way this team is being constructed is not for one or two more seasons of boom-or-bust playoff excitement, but for dynastic sustained success.

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