Don’t come at the King; Jeopardy James is above petty criticism

It’s not even close either. James Holzhauer of Las Vegas, Nevada is currently tearing up Jeopardy on a torrid, ‘Ken Jennings who’ pace and any criticism against him is just ridiculous

32 games won and $2,462,216 accumulated in prize money. The all-in, max window gambler has blown the doors off of Jeopardy and I’m down for him never losing again. It honestly doesn’t even seem likely right now that he will with his strategy either.

Nuke the high-value questions with speed to accumulate as much cash up front and then bury your opponents by almost inevitably picking up the daily double and making your lead insurmountable. That’s how he’s doing it and it’s flawless. Strategy alone isn’t enough for Holzhauer, though, all of his success is predicated on an almost unbelievably vast knowledge on literally anything.

His mannerisms are weird, his smile is creepy, his stories are a bit out there, but God damn it I love this guy and never want him to lose. The excitement in watching him play Jeopardy is varied. Will he win? How much will he win? Can anyone challenge him? Is this the episode where he loses?

The only people I’ve seen hate on James are people who are looking for attention by being contrarian or past Jeopardy contestants who seem to think the sanctity of the game is (ironically) in jeopardy with how he plays.

Here are two assholes who perfectly exemplify this viewpoint:

(see above for creepy smile reference)

Yes, Tom Nichols, a Jeopardy winner himself ($57,000) is calling out Holzhauer for not playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. The sore loser and, by comparison to James, poor, idiotic donkey, is saddened by James not valuing small questions and beating the system rather than playing the game. However, that’s a crazy person’s perspective.

Two questions for you Tom: are you allowed to pick questions out of order? And, does he not know the answer to 99% of questions anyways? James would be on this winning streak regardless of how he plays the game, but the gambler is maximizing his winnings.

We can end this discussion on this point here. The fans and spectators don’t want to see the purity of any competition upheld. Fans want to see winning and be there to witness the exceptional. It’s why competition exists, to see who is the best at any given thing.

If you don’t like how James Holzhauer plays the game, then beat him. Until someone does, this cyborg has me fixated on my TV every weeknight at 7:30 PM, not to watch Jeopardy, but to witness greatness.

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  1. Creepy smile aside, you’ve got that right, he claims to have learned most everything from children’s books! Couple that with his build the bank and bet high attitude, and he seems unstoppable right now. The question is can he sustain it long enough to beat Ken Jennings record-setting 74 games played…I hope so!

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