Leave it to the New York Islanders to justify the William Nylander contract

William Nylander’s deal is a solid deal for both team and player. Want proof? Look no farther than the contract Brock Nelson just signed in Long Island.

24-year-old William Nylander is a Toronto Maple Leafs player for the next five season at a bargain rate of $6.9 million (nice). NYLANDER HATERS DON’T CLICK AWAY! I know you’re probably triggered, but hey, at least we Dubas didn’t give almost all of that money to a 27-year-old forward who hasn’t reached Nylander’s season-high point total ever!

Yes, Lou Lamoriello is at it again. The same genius that signed Ilya Kovalchuk to a 100-year contract in New Jersey reached into his old bag of tricks for another awesome contract. Nelson has been rewarded with a $6m deal for having one season as a 53 point scorer after averaging just 40.5 points in his previous four seasons (minimum 80 GP).

For reference, Nylander who cost $962k more than Nelson has averaged 61 points in his two full seasons in the NHL. Oh, and Nelson also has a complete no-trade clause for the first two years of the deal, followed by a modified no-trade for the remaining four.

Does this make it easier for the Nylander haters to settle down and realize that the inflated dollar value of home-grown difference makes on teams is just a part of the new NHL? No, but it really should.

New expansion teams, a rising cap, upcoming NHL/NHLPA collective bargaining agreement to be settled, and a pending lockout all suggest that massive change is coming to the league within the next few seasons. Teams need to lock up their stars and players need to secure their cash.

Nylander’s deal has nothing to do with Brock Nelson’s, but it should make every Leaf fan happy to see. Nylander has his best years ahead of him, is coming off of a stellar World Hockey Championship, and is poised to be on the same line as Auston Matthews for years to come. Things are good in Leaf land right now, and that includes William Nylander and his big ticket contract.

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