Ron Hainsey – The Hero Toronto Deserves

The Leafs had a points night as they welcomed the Florida Panthers to the Scotia Bank Center. While Tavares headlined the scoresheet, it was Ron Hainsey’s toughness that stole the show.

“Toronto needs an enforcer”

“Who’s going to stand up for the star players”

“This team needs to be more physical”

Hush yourselves, critics. Ron Hainsey is here and he’s had enough of people taking runs at Leaf players. Yup, the senior-most defender on the team walloped Florida’s Jayce Hawryluk, rag-dolling the high flying youngster after he took a run at Toronto’s four-goal man.

If that doesn’t get you amped up, I don’t know what will. Immediately, Hainsey came flying in to punish Hawryluk for a vicious (missed) elbow he tried to nail Tavares with.

It’s the kind of intensity you see from playoff hockey that gets all of up Leaf fans fired up and ready to go for the post season.

This team isn’t built to crush their opposition with physicality, but Hainsey has reminded the opposition that there are still players in Toronto that will punish you for taking runs at their superstars.

Oh, and he doesn’t care for your explanation…

Can we agree that resting Hainsey by giving him nights off is a bad idea now? Do we really think Marincin or Holl would come in there to set the tone in his absence? No and No. Move him down the lineup, manage his minutes, and make sure this leader remains with the team as we hurdle towards to playoffs.

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