Kyle Dubas just Sub-Tweeted the Entirety of Leafs Nation

You should never judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Kyle Dubas has taken to twitter to show that this sentiment also applies to NHL General Managers.

I love it when someone mixes it up on Twitter a little bit. When it’s Toronto’s GM, even better.

Check, please! Dubas just did the classic ex-girlfriend move retweeting something saying “sometimes you need to cut toxic people out of your life to move forward” directed at a target EVERYONE can identify. Look in the mirror Leafs fans, this one’s pointed at us!

Arm-Chair GMs are criticizing the resigning of Garret Sparks, lack of defenseman depth after the trade deadline, and just about anything they can think of amidst this string of volatile, inconsistent play from Toronto.

The easy, wrong answer to these topics would be: keep Curtis McElhinney over Sparks, who is ten years older and costs $500k more per season (for the next two seasons), sell off one of Bracco, Timashov, Sandin, or Liljegren for an NHL-ready defenseman now, or maybe fire Mike Babcock and trade William Nylander.

Maybe, Dubas is saying some people “can’t see the forest for the trees.” Critics are getting too bogged down in the immediate ‘issues’ that they are losing their understanding of the big picture.

I am personally guilty of offering my (relatively speaking) uneducated input on the situations facing the Leafs right now. I’m not suggesting we all stop hypothesizing on what is best for the Leafs, but can we maybe pull back the explosive, reactive hostility?

Regardless of Dubas’ intentions, maybe we as fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs can come together to keep things positive and embrace the team, flaws included. Criticize the where it’s needed. call out performances when they’re underwhelming. But, let’s also try to keep some perspective on the NHL’s 5th best team.

3 thoughts on “Kyle Dubas just Sub-Tweeted the Entirety of Leafs Nation”

  1. i have watched to many horrible teams in this organization to not comment about sparks. sure the whole team has no idea right now how to play d but i see nothing about this man to give me any confidence

  2. If you do not like them, then why read this article and take the time to comment on it??? GO LEAFS GO!!!

    1. We’d be pulling our hair out if we tried to wonder why, Cassandra! I have to assume it’s years of abuse former Leaf teams put on us fans giving some a lasting sourness they can’t seem to shake 🙂

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