Brian Burke’s vendetta against the Leafs isn’t anything but hilarious

Okay, maybe it’s also a bit sad too. Regardless, Brian Burke offering nothing to a hockey broadcast night after night simply because he can’t let go of his Toronto failure is music to my  Maple Leafs ears.

His latest addition to the growing list of things he hates about Toronto is that when he was with the Canucks they apparently fought and got arrested more than other visiting teams.

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I don’t know if it’s true, but something I would assume a (former) GM of the Leafs would know is that the team travels extremely well, and the blue-collar heart of the Leafs supporters usually have to travel to be able to make it overpriced Leaf games.

As I said, I have no idea if Leaf fans fight more than other fans. It’s not a reputation I’ve ever heard of Leaf fans having in my 20+ years of supporting the team. On the contrary, I’ve heard that the traveling Leaf fans this season in Vegas made the venue even more electric than it already was and were embraced by the shockingly large and loyal, albeit, new Vegas fanbase.

In his five-year career as Toronto’s GM and President, Burke provided Leafs nation with a losing 129-135-42 record and was fired before his contract expired. Could that have something to do with this?

His time in Toronto will likely be remembered by trading the picks that turned into Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton for Phil Kessel to accelerate his ‘win now’ mentality (see above record). But, let’s not forget about him giving Mike Komisarek $22.5 million over five years, or trading away assets for the likes of Brad May, Olaf Kolzig, and Wayne Primeau all years after their skill and NHL relevancy expired.

So Burke tends to jump on any anti-Toronto topic that Sportsnet can conjure up for him to try and prove he’s better than the team. He doesn’t have the linguistic ability to be witty or comedic so he bumbles his way into relevancy with arbitrary ‘facts’ and ridiculous takes. Not surprising from a man whose most defining feature is that he doesn’t tie his tie.

I would say I was disappointed in his comments or cared about them at all, but when a fan base has this much real estate in a former GM’s brain there’s nothing you can do but laugh at him.

Burke’s shallow and dated analysis on a league that’s passed him by has placed him just a top dress-shirt button away from being a poor man’s Don Cherry; yelling about a game he no longer understands.

Really, it’s sad. But not sad enough to not laugh at his awful takes and uninspired analysis on a weekly basis.

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