Did Brad Marchand tamper with his comments on Mitch Marner’s contract?

He always seems to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, doesn’t he? This time the NHL might actually take notice as Brad Marchand may have tampered in regards to Mitch Marner’s contract negotiations.

Always one to stir up some trouble, Brad Marchand wasn’t quiet when it came to Mitch Marner after he broke the 80-point barrier. Marchand asked the question we all want to be answered: what’s Marner’s value? The only problem is that the NHL prohibits this in certain situations.

Not opposed to knee-jerk posts of incorrect information, TheScore reposted Marchand’s comment on Twitter. Their cutting edge addition: the crying face emoji.

While it’s a harmless comment, Marchand seems to have little-man syndrome when it comes to the media attention the Toronto Maple Leafs get on a regular basis.

In Matthews rookie season he asked if the Leafs would play Matthews solo on the ice so other teams had a chance against him after the early season spotlight was fixated on the Leafs franchise player.

While both comments were meant to be harmless Marchand’s more recent comment may actually land him in trouble.

The NHL CBA, a document so boring I couldn’t get through it without the use of ctrl+f “tamper”, suggests that it’s illegal for a player to comment on another player’s contract negotiation or value if they are currently on a non-expiring deal or are a pending restricted free-agent.

It’s pretty black and white:

The Player agrees he will not tamper with or enter into negotiations with any Player under SPC or reservation to any Club of the League for or regarding such Player’s current or future services, without the written consent of the Club with which such Player is connected under penalty of a fine to be imposed by the Commissioner of the League.

NHL and NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, 2015

So, will big nose see any punishment? Why would we assume he would now? As we all remember Marchand spent his time in the playoffs last post-season licking Leo Komarov and Ryan Callahan without a retroactive call or on-ice unsportsmanlike penalty.

No, I don’t think the NHL will stay true to their word. They just seem to not want to punish someone like Marchand who brings so many eyes to the game in America, even if it’s within a solid hockey market.

I hesitate to theorize on why Marchand keeps bringing up the Leafs. It could be jealousy but that smells a little fishy. No, I genuinely thing it’s Napoleon syndrome for the Bruins. They knocked the Leafs out of the playoffs last season and broke their hearts years before but, no one seems to pay them any attention unless he’s tampering or licking the opposition.

He’s beaking about the Leafs a little too much, but the best punishment Toronto could impart upon him would be an early round exit from the 2019 Playoffs.

2 thoughts on “Did Brad Marchand tamper with his comments on Mitch Marner’s contract?”

  1. There’s some solid reporting. I guess your love of the Leafs does bleed into your writting. What professional uses his forum to name call and try to belittle the people they are reporting on? I could come on here and just say you are a whiney Leaf fan. Butt hurt again from all the teams failures over the years, especially at the hands of the Bruins but I’m too professional for that. You just said Marchand is a little man so why would you try to stand on his shoulders to make yourself seem bigger??

    1. Its an opinion based blog, and those are my opoinions. Sorry if you don’t agree, but I wholeheartedly do. Differing on opinions doesnt make anyone right or wrong, just furthers the diologue!

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