Something I thought I’d never say: I’m now a Sean Avery fan

Sean Avery has taken to social media to address the classless New York Islanders fans who decided to rain on the return parade of Islanders legend, John Tavares.

The video is straight forward and NSFW. Avery sounds off on the Islander “faithful” who seem to have a short memory. In an expletive-filled rant, Avery calls out the morons at the Coliseum:

*video is NSFW

An early candidate for understatement of the year there, Glenny Balls.

Avery is pretty outspoken about anything he cares about, never pulling any punches when it comes to calling it like it is in regards to NHL players (ask Martin Brodeur). He also doesn’t have any love for the Islanders’ team at all obviously as a Ranger player and still now.

For Avery, a former Rangers player to go out of his way to support a once Islanders’ captain is really something. You can’t argue with his points though: he calls Nassau Coliseum a dump, call the fans greasy, and also brings up that he was played there for 10 years as an admirably inspired team captain. Triple check!

When a notes asshole like Avery calls you “greasy” and “shitty” as a fan base, it’s noteworthy. He’d probably be the first to tell you that it takes a greasy, shitty person the call another greasy, shitty person, but he seems motivated to drag himself through the mud for this battle.

So, I guess I’m an Avery fan now? Nah I just can’t commit to that. But what I will say is that Avery is one of the few people ir or around the NHL with the balls to call this situation as it is – a complete made up mess by small, shitty people.

6 thoughts on “Something I thought I’d never say: I’m now a Sean Avery fan”

  1. Hes 100 percent right!! It was discussing..all the hours he put in there on a shitty team he was a A1 professional and he moved on
    . To bad he didnt do it earlier in his career!!

  2. As a Leaf fan it disgusts me that fans including us Leafs would go out and shit on a player. When I’m saying us Leafs fans not all of us turned to Twitter or FB or other types of social media after the buds fell to Boston in that game 7 collapse with Optimus Reim in net. I’ve never seen anything like this since LeBron left the Cavs for the heat.

    1. I agree to a point. If there’s a bonehead dumb play like what got Gardiner boo’d I don’t get why you wouldn’t boo, but you have to be there cheering when he does something good!

    2. So Johnny left to go home.When he did so,he no doubt saved the fans a ton on season tickets,being as the 80 million dollar contract,was coming out of their pockets.Their team is in 1st place,they don’t need him anymore,what is there to be up set about.They should have been happy as hell !! So,what did we have ? A beat up old building full of people,as dumb as posts!!!..FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!, New York…think about it !!!…you are stupid !!,lol

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