Islanders Fans Determined to Prove how Stupid a Fan Base can be in Tavares’ Returns

The comically awkward hate videos and plans to throw batteries are what the New York Islander fans have planned for the return of Tavares. The determination to be bitter discounts their stellar season and proves how stupid a fan base can be.

Yes, he was supposed to lead the New York Islanders out of obscurity and back to their former glory. Yes, he said he wanted to be in Long Island for the long haul. Yes, he is a team legend and still chose to left.

All of these things are true, but no one seems to put any of the onus on the Islanders’ front office for edging out Tavares for years.

What superstar wants to play in a small market for the entirety of their career? Or,what player wants to massively commute to each game that is inexplicably being played in a building designed for basketball? What player wants to be a part of a team that had years to resolve these issues but instead procrastinated on them and handed him a 5+ year plan to get back out to Long Island?

No player would want to endure all of that, especially not a player of the ilk of John Tavares. The stars aligned and Tavares’ dip into free agency coincided with the Leaf’s having enough cap space to fulfill his lifelong hockey dream. The story should have ended there, but bitter fans have decided to blow it out of proportion.

Sorry, Islanders’ fans but free agency allows for players like Tavares to get out from an unending pit of doom, like Long Island/the Barclay’s Center, and get a crack at playing in a real hockey market.

Stay Classy!

In response to Tavares decision to play out his contract and give the first have of his prime career years to a do-nothing-franchise like their own, Islanders’ fans have prepared a cringe inducing fan video:

Told ya. Cringe.

Anyways, if the embarrassing video wasn’t enough, apparently there is a plan in place to throw batteries at Tavares as well? I doubt enough people have the guts to pull this one off, but the threat is enough to prove how stupid Islanders fans are.

The message in the “Dear John” video is straight forward; we don’t need you anymore. But, why keep bringing it up then? Leafs fans couldn’t care less if it’s an away game at New York, and it’s all on the Islanders fans amping up the emotion in this game.

The best revenge is living well, and the Islanders are actually doing that. They’ll make the playoffs with a young, exciting team, and are playing back at Nassau Coliseum. What need is there to hold anything against Tavares?

Record night coming?

Tavares is two goals off of his personal best, 38, as he prepares to return to the Island. No one in the world is more confident in his own abilities than Tavares. Extra emotion and stress fuels the elite and Tavares is no exception. I’d be willing to put money on the line that he gets on the score sheet tonight… at least once.

Yes, Islanders’ fans, you don’t need Tavares. We get it. We got it before you made the Napoleon Dynamite-esque video! But, instead of moving on with class, you decided to make this an issue. Well, more motivated than ever Tavares doesn’t need you either, and is looking to prove it tonight.

The pure stupidity and jealous ex mentality Islanders’ fans are currently emitting is discounting their team’s break out year. I guess expecting class out of Long Island is too big of an ask.

3 thoughts on “Islanders Fans Determined to Prove how Stupid a Fan Base can be in Tavares’ Returns”

  1. If the fans throw batteries or hurt him in anyway the islanders organization should be punished to send a message to the fans that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated in the NHL .they should take away the playoffs from them is anything happens and he gets injured from their actions .

    1. Totally agree, not fair to the players really but the team has done nothing to prepare the team for this game.

  2. New York Islanders fans have no class and no integrity. Sean Avery nailed it exactly. The Fans were tossing everything on the ice……..except the baby bottles. Need to keep those for all the whining. Can send over some Italian cheese that would go well with the wine

    New York Fans…….F you all

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