Valdimir Guerrero Jr. is looking THICC in spring training

Bordering NSFW for multiple reasons, the second coming of baseball assaulter Vlad Guerrero and the Blue Jay’s messiah Vlad Guerrero Jr. is busting out of his new Jay’s threads while punishing baseballs into the Florida stratosphere.

For any baseball fan, the crack of the bat is something that gives you goosebumps. If Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is attached to the end of that cracking bat, then you’ve got some content that will give any Blue Jays fan fits.

It’s early on in spring training, but Vlad is in Dunedin with the team and he’s mashing the ball like we all know he can. At this point in time we need to just credit his ability to lace a baseball into space on his physique. Don’t believe me? Just look:

Hmm, that massive trunk aka “power base” reminds me of someone…

Sports IllustratedExpo 2000

He’s got the bloodlines to be a massive success, and is about as close as you can get to a can’t miss prospect along the lines of Kris Bryant and Mike Trout. It’s early, he’s yet to do it in the majors, and he isn’t going to start the year with season with the team, but still, anyone that thicc (two c’s) deserves some attention.

I don’t care if he’s busting belt’s like Pablo Sandoval visiting the Rogers Center, or doing his best CC Sabathia impression on the field. Vlad Guerrero Jr. hype has me exciting for the 2019 season, and just may have me a little bit delirious, as I’ve used the word “thicc” multiple times in a baseball blog…

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