Everton Laughing As Richarlison Worth The Gamble… So Far

Everton splashed a lot of cash this offseason but drew a lot of laughter by forking over big cash for unproven Premier League winger Richarlison. Well, two games in and Everton look to be laughing now as their big addition has hit the ground running.

The player mentioned is Richarlison, formerly of Watford and formerly managed by Marco Silva. Silva lost his managing position mid-season in 2017/18 after reports that Everton was interested in him. Ronald Koeman had been sacked and Silva was a solid choice moving forward.

Six months later Silva is Everton’s manager and his first big move was spending in excess of £40 million for his former left winger. The price was exorbitant and many believed it to be an overpay, simply because the manager’s ex-club wanted to make him pay for taking a player off their hands.

So why did Silva target the player? Well in 2017/18 he only managed five goals and ended the season with 27 games without a goal. The thing is that Richarlison only scored when Silva was his manager. The two seem to know how to work off of each other, the manager knows how to get the best out of the player and the player trusts the manager to set him up to succeed.

Anyone who has watched him play can see his insane speed. Down the left side of the pitch, few Premier League players can keep up with him. He also doesn’t like to stay outside meaning his play relies on fast cuts and tricky dribbles to get into the oppositions box, almost positioning himself as a secondary striker at times.

Two games into his season and Richarlison has begun repaying the faith and fee Everton and Silva had in him, netting three goals in just two games. The golden boot isn’t his just yet, but he is showing why his former and current manager believed enough in him to spend that money on the 21-year-old Brazilian talent.

Having Premier League experience is an added bonus for Richarlison, and is proving costly for another team who splurged a similar transfer fee for a speedy Brazilian winger. West Ham is currently at a loss for why Felipe Anderson hasn’t adjusted to the Premier League style of play.

Richarlison has already adapted to the physical play-style and immediately has a step up on Anderson, his fellow Brazilian winger.

It’s all laughs for Silva and Richarlison right now as his form is currently untouchable. Will he be worth the £40m? Only time will tell but such a talent at that young of an age is all positive for the Toffee’s as it stands now!

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