What does McCluster bring to the Argos?

The Toronto Argonauts have signed former NFL Pro-Bowler Dexter McCluster.

McCluster spent his most notable years in Kansas City where he’d triple down as a versatile change-of-pace running-back, slot or wide receiver, and a dynamo as a kick returner.

This signing continues the flow of players north from the NFL this off-season. With the arrival of Johnny Manziel, Tre Mason, and the on-going buzz surrounding Terrell Owens potential trip to the CFL, the spotlight around the league is expanding to the south.

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Still only 29 years old, McCluster has had a year off (last season) because of injury, but with that comes a year without taking hits. There’s no doubt that where he excels is in the open field and his ability to make players miss – something that should be highlighted with the larger fields up here.

Contrary to the Ricky Williams signing, McCluster has always been an exciting player to watch and still looks to have a lot left in the tank to showcase here in Toronto. He can move around the field and play in virtually any situation.

While Manziel is still a very young player with a lot of room to grow and still not yet in the prime of his career, the success of Jeremiah Masoli has limited Johnny’s ability to have any sort of impact for now. As for McCluster, he’ll have ample opportunity to showcase his stuff, in what I can only assume is a platform to pave the way for an NFL return.

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