Steve Pearce is crushing it for the Red Sox, and that’s a good thing for the Jays

Former Blue Jay and current pinch hitting DYNAMO for the Boston Red Sox, Steve Pearce is ripping it up for his new team. Need some proof? Here he is launching a one handed missile over the Green Monster last night:

Since joining the Red Sox Pearce has gone 10/21 giving him a .476 batting average, with 1 home run, 4 doubles, and 5 RBIs. Pearce is usually appearing as a pinch hitter, slotting in behind J.D. Martinez in the line up. For the Sox he offers adequate defense with versatility as he can seemingly play LF, RF, 1B, 2B, 3B, but having a veteran bat who has seen a lot of AL pitchers is probably his biggest asset.

Safe to say Red Sox fans are liking the signing too…

Despite Boston having success with Pearce, Toronto could also reap some benefits from their stand out, veteran players getting moved like Pearce was. Granderson, Morales, Happ, Solarte – with the exception of KenMo these players have brought excitement and offense to an otherwise under-performing roster. And despite their importance to the Blue Jays game in the long run it is worth it to move on from these veteran players and bring in more farm system players.

It’s an uncomfortable truth for a lot of Jays fans to accept – trading your best players, but in pro sports if you aren’t contending then you need to be building. Unfortunately for the Jays, they aren’t contending. Holding onto veteran players on one year expiring deals makes no sense and hamstrings the teams rebuild for the sake of mild entertainment.

Pearce thriving on a contending team is nothing but good news for the Blue Jays. His performance so far is basically acting as one of those surprisingly athletic sign flippers standing out front of a liquidation sale or Little Caesar’s Pizza shouting out their availability for business based on their skills. And just like Little Caesar’s there is a lot more for sale than just one Steve Pearce sized pizza.

Sure, it’s going to suck but if the Jays move out some vets it allows us Jay’s fans to see more minor league players get a shot. Gurriel to 3B? Why not if Donaldson is traded/injured! Dwight Smith Jr. to platoon in the outfield with Hernandez and maybe Clint Frazier? I’d like to see it! The Jays should use the assets they have to create a strong foundation of prospects building for a competitive team in the (near) future, not hold on to them so we have a few more RBIs in a meaningless August.

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