Could Montreal Be Starting A Rebuild? (Amended…NOPE)- 200takes

Per Darren Dreger the Montreal Canadians have traded Simon Bourque for Steve Mason, Joel Armia, a 4th round pick, and a 7th round pick. Presumably this is a salary dump for Winnipeg to resign their deadline acquisition Paul Stastny, but it is a little more complicated for Montreal.

This may be a cataclysmic move for Montreal, signalling a trade of Price and beginning of their rebuild. Their current goalies with contracts are Niemi, Mason, Lindgren, and  McNiven. IF the Canadiens keep Steve Mason, and that is an extremely large if, then it may in fact mean that their franchise player is on his way out the door.

For Montreal the return would be massive for Price. Presumably a top goalie prospect, 1-2 first round picks, some young roster players and or A-level prospects. It would not only send Montreal into a rebuild, it would catapult them forward passed a lot of the hard parts (asset acquisition).

It would be a great but tough move for Montreal, who really haven’t been close in recent years. Blow it up and build around Drouin and Domi… not a bad plan! The only issue is their current GM may not be the man for the job.


AMENDMENT: Steve Mason on buy out waivers

With the Montreal Canadiens buying out Steve Mason it appears any thought of a rebuild is off. Shame for Habs fans as they don’t really have a team direction at this point. A shaky D core, a forwards group without any elite centers, and a goalie who is elite but has more value as a trade acquisition at this point. Bergevin strikes again!

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