Should West Ham Turn To Germany For New Keeper?

Fabianski in, Adrian out? It seems likely, but where should West Ham look to find a possible starting keeper to challenge Lukasz Fabianski?

Following the solid signing of Bernd Leno from Bayern Leverkusen by Arsenal, West Ham should follow suit and try to find a young, enigmatic keeper from the Bundesliga. With the rising fee’s in world football it wouldn’t come cheap, but West Ham need to invest in a keeper who can command a back line and be decisive on balls into his box.

Timo Horn – My current pick for West Ham, Horn is coming off of a disappointing season with Koln FC. Horn matched his teams disappointing performances, shipping 2.05 goals per game. Why is this enticing for West Ham? Because Koln finished last in the Bundesliga and the team will likely listen to offers on players who can help recuperate the losses from relegation. Horn who has been a solid keeper throughout his career and heavily scouted as a youngster, had a terrible side in front of him this season and should be motivated to battle with the likes of Fabianski for the number one job to reassert himself as a young, elite keeper.

Lukas Hradecky – This may be many West Ham supporters’ pick for a Bundesliga keeper West Ham should sign, and for good reason! Hradecky has a solid season for Eintracht Frankfurt FC in the Bundesliga, who finished 8th overall in the league table. His goals per game ration is at 1.3, mush lower than Horn’s, and he kept 7 clean sheets this season. He is currently 27 years of age and does not appear to be trending down just yet. As we know keepers can develop later and have a longer lifespan on their careers, so Hradecky could be a good shout and fit for West Ham.

Jan Sommer – A distant third in this race would be Switzerland international Jan Sommer, who is currently in the World Cup and performing well for his home nation. Sommer posted similar stats to Hradecky – 7 clean sheets and a goals per game of 1.4. He is 29, so the most senior of the bunch, but has the quality to be a top keeper for some years to come. Borussia Monchengladbach, his current team, finished a respectable 9th last season, and would require a solid fee to move on from their keeper.

West Ham can either get the proven thing in Hradecky or Sommer, or opt for a bit of a cheaper project with Horn. Either way, should Adrian leave the club the options are there at keeper alongside Fabianski. As well, many are pushing for youngster and U-21 Keeper Nathan Trott to make his first team appearance this season. He is a very exciting keeper as he has performed well and has featured in the England youth squads throughout his development. At 19, what Trott needs before assuming the throne at West Ham is loan time to develop with first team minutes either in the channels of English professional football.

With the team in flux under Manuel Pellegrini, and the squad in it’s first year of a massive overhaul, the keeper position is a key factor in team success. Fabianski is a solid and safe option, but who will be the long term option>


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