Sharks Acquire Hoffman+ for Boedker+

Alternative title 1: Sens get 37 point player for 56 point player
Alternative title 2: Sens get fleeced by hockey team in California
Alternative title 3: Sens trade Hoffman to keep Karlsson, Karlsson will inevitably leave

Call it what you will, but the Sens just got worse by trading their offensive beast Mike Hoffman. As announced by the Sens themselves via twitter:

“TRADE: The have acquired forward Mikkel Boedker, defenceman Julius Bergman and a sixth-round choice in the 2020 NHL Draft from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for Mike Hoffman, Cody Donaghy and Ottawa’s fifth-round pick in 2020.”

It’s not the return you would expect on a player like Hoffman, who put up 22 goals and 34 assists last season, but when you poison a locker room there apparently is a price your team has to pay to get you off the books. Following the rumours that Hoffman’s girlfriend has been leading a ring of harassment directed towards Erik Karlsson’s wife, it seemed one would have to go, and Dorion seems to believe that Karlsson will stay with this move.

For San Jose Hoffman is just a less scary Evander Kane, who they gladly took on last season despite his noted and locker room issues and the problems he has with teammates. Maybe being hidden from the NHL spotlight in San Jose allows for players to not feel pressure that markets like Ottawa, Winnipeg, or Buffalo incite? Regardless, the rehabilitation Sharks have gotten a lot of value by investing in destructive players.

There is a sizeable point gap between the two players – Mikkel Boedker scored 15 goals, 7 short of Hoffman, and 22 assists, 12 shy of Hoffmans total. And while age doesn’t factor in as both players are 28, Hoffman did play 8 more games. To counterbalance this you can easily argue that Boedker played on a better team as San Jose put up 100 points, 33 more than the Senators 67 points.

The prospects are are essentially a wash, although I guess Julius Bergman is better than Cody Donaghey (?). Both are depth defensemen at best, and both were massively minus rated players with Bergman at -20 (AHL) and Donaghey at -24 (ECHL). With the addition of a 5th round pick sent San Jose’s way for their 6th round pick in 2020, the Sharks also leave this deal upgrading on a depth pick.

I guess GM Pierre Dorion had his hands tied here, but if and when Karlsson leaves this is going to be an absolute mess on the Senators management teams hands. Why? Simply because we won’t hear a single word out of San Jose about the off ice issues from Hoffman. His girlfriend, who put his career in jeopardy, will fade into the California hockey landscape and Hoffman will continue to put up great offensive numbers. It was a lose-lose for Ottawa, but still, the return doesn’t look good.

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