CFL’s Odell Beckham Jr. Emerges In Wild First Weekend Of Season

Welcome to the 2018 season, CFL fans! Canadian born Calgary Stampeders wide out, Juwan Brescacin has set the bar for catches of the season with an Odell-esque, one handed, over head catch beating the Hamilton defender and keeping the drive alive. Sheesh, it sure didn’t take long to have a catch of the year candidate, did it?

You just love to see this kind of athleticism in the first week of play, basically setting the pace for the season when it comes to the spectacular. Brescacin, the third year receiver out of Northern Illinois has been steadily making more and more noise since joining the CFL in 2016. Now that he has the accolade of ‘miracle catch maker’ can he turn it into some sustained success?

Bo Levi Mitchell under pressure, scramble, points deep, and slings a bomb down field. What makes this catch even better for the CFL and CFL fans alike is that fact that Brescacin is a good Canadian boy (thanks, Grapes) from Mississauga, Ontario. A Canadian made product, honed in the US College system, coming home to play his career football.

With 19 receptions last season Brescacin put up 260 yards with no touchdowns. With one game under his belt this season he has two receptions for 47 yard, possibly meaning he could be a low volume, big yardage target for the ever elite Bo Levi Mitchell.

Alright, so was this catch as good as Odell’s? I’d say equal if not better. Hamilton fans will argue for a push off, but it looks more incidental as Brescacin launches up rather than back and away from the defender. Also, rather than falling behind and coming up with the ball like Beckham did, Juwar Brescacin saw the ball, jumped and got up for it, not solely relying on the stick-um on his gloves (looking at you OBJ).

Well CFL receiver, the bar is set. Can anyone top Juwan Brescacin for catch of the year? There’s a lot of season left, so let’s see whatcha got!

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