Alright, I Guess I’m Watching the CFL Now

It is official, Johnny Manziel is a Hamilton Tiger Cat, and I am officially a CFL fan! Come back SZN is on, and I am excited.

Originally broken by his now partners at Barstool Sports, Manziel has signed his 2-year contract with the Ticats and will report to training camp ahead of the 2018 season.

So, what has Money Manziel been up to since his last start on December 27th 2014 ( a loss at Kansas City)? Becoming a better person, and actually getting some reps in despite not being professionally employed.

The former Heisman trophy winner came to terms with his lifestyle issues and how they contributed to his downfall in the NFL. His reaction is actually kinda admirable too; go straight edge. No drinking and no drugs, and more importantly no negative people in his life anymore. The former playboy earned a reputation for himself as a party guy who put more stock in his social life than he did his professional life, but has looked internally to change that perception.

The result of Manziel caring more about partying that football this was a young NFL QB who was late for practise, didn’t show up for team meetings, and was a flop on the field. As much as Manziel was his own worst enemy, the Cleveland Browns also contributed to their late first round draft pick’s eventual failure. No structure from his accounts, and no mentor for him to learn from, Manziel and the Browns were a bad match.

In a perfect world Johnny Football would have gone somewhere like Green Bay or San Diego. He needed a team with a strong franchise quarterback like Rodgers or Rivers, in a peripheral town (I’ve heard San Diego isn’t great…sorry) where football could be the focus.

Now, Manziel is married and has a substance and chemical free mind. Impressive from the mid-20’s wanna be QB!

The reinvestment in himself followed the reconstruction, and Manziel was off to the Spring League this year. CFL and NFL scouts were in attendance and Manziel didn’t disappoint, looking comfortable and able to scramble like he always has been.

Performance aside, Manziel professionally started backing himself – I present to you Manziel’s apparel store to sell merchandise supporting his journey back to the NFL. Much better than focusing on the parties and lifestyle expectations of a rich, young professional athlete, Manziel clearly believes in himself and has turned that belief into a brand so you can prove you do too.

It was always a belief that Johnny Football would have to take his talents north of the border before he could have a shot at reestablishing himself in the NFL. With Hamilton controlling his CFL rights it was likely that if he was going to make a professional football comeback, it would be through the Hammer.

The result of this is basically all positive. Sure, some people will say that he is going to upstage his teammates, and that he isn’t what the Canadian game needs – a pocket passer. But, on the contrary I can tell you that this will drive ratings up just to see the Heisman winner. Whether it will be to root for him or against him, people will be watching him play this season with me included.

I have never been excited for a CFL season, and I have not even watched the league since September of 2013. It has been a five year lay off from Canadian football but Johnny Manziel is bringing me back. And I doubt i’ll be the only younger person who is re-tuning in, or watching for the first time.

Oski-wee-wee, Oski-wah-wah
Holy Mackinaw,
Johnny, Eat ’em raw!

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