Off with his head: Raptors look to dethrone the King

By Kimberly Daniels

And so begins another series, as the Raptors travel the road to Championship status. However, this time our opponent needs no introduction. This is the team (or should I say player) who has caused the demise of Raptors playoff dreams too many times in the past…

LeBron James.  A player who is argued to be better than Michael Jordan, who is referred to as the ‘King’ and who averaged 34 points and 10 rebounds per game against the Indiana Pacers series that went to game 7.

But all Kings lose their crown at some point right? And if there is ever a time where it could happen for LeBron, the time is now.

The Raptors are ready. They have a deeper bench, they have the confidence, they have the whole country behind their back and they even have Charles Barkley hopping on their bandwagon.

But what does the actual game plan look like to stop LeBron?

Defense will obviously be the upmost important key. OG and Siakam will be looked upon to stick with LeBron, make it as uncomfortable as possible for him to find a groove, and stay in his face and to keep him from getting into take-over mode, which can be nerve-racking and scary.

The starting five will need to come out on fire, setting the tone that every. Single. Possession. Counts. Taking good shots, feeding the bigs inside and jumping for every single rebound will be the true difference maker.

Our second-unit will need to stay with the mindset that they have had all year, knowing that they are the best bench in the league. With their leader VanVleet back, this should come easier than against the Wizards and if C.J. Miles can also get a hot hand with the three, it would give the Raptors the extra boost they need.

Above all, the Raptors as a whole need to know they can win. Surely, Neo and Morpheus understand that a King means nothing when you have the power to see all.

Prediction: Raptors in 6

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