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William Nylander Just Made $212,000

Hows your Thursday night going? Maybe you just sat down to watch some sports, or maybe eating dinner with your family, perhaps laying out your jeans and Polo shirt for casual Friday. William Nylander, 21 years old, just made $212,000.

20 goals this season seemed like a foregone conclusion for Nylander, but after a hot-and-cold season he capped it off. First period, powerplay goal, assisted by Auston Matthews- thats pretty much textbook for the Maple Leafs offence now a days. That sealed the goal scoring bonus for the Swede, pocketing him some sweet cash too.

He left it late but nevertheless Nylander has his second consecutive 20 goal season. Not bad for a 21 year old kid. The cash bonus is pretty sweet to go along with the stat. Not bad for a Thursday night.


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  1. DadHolland

    How old is that picture of him, sweater number 39?

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