The Twins

I wonder if Daniel ever holds it over Henrik that he was drafted one pick ahead of him. I wonder if it did happen and people overheard that Henrik would just say “stop pretending to be me”. And we’d laugh.

There it is. They’re twins, they look the same, and now we can move past that aspect of their career.

1999 was a draft year that brought something new to hockey. Brian Burke and the Vancouver Canucks did what no team had done before; traded to be able to draft 2 twin brothers 2nd and 3rd overall. What a treat Vancouver was in for.


Since then, they’ve had almost identical careers. I mean identical. As of the time of the retirement announcement, Daniel had scored at a pace of 0.796 points per game, and Henrik at 0.804. If my math is correct, (there’s a chance that it isn’t), that is a career separated by 0.08 points per game (measured over careers spanning 1,300 games played each.

They have won their share of individual awards, 3 for Henrik with 2 going to Daniel. Back to back Art Ross trophy’s, 09-10 going to Henrik and 10-11 to Daniel. The difference there being Henrik took home the Hart that same year for his accomplishments.

They each won an Olympic Gold in the 2006 games, with Daniel adding a silver medal in 2014 and Henrik a silver at the 2013 World Championships.

Okay maybe now we can move past it.

The decision had been in the works for the past couple of months, and in typical Sedin fashion, in conjunction with the Vancouver Canucks.  It was only fitting, and a prime example of how unique they were not only as players but people in this league, that after one of their last games in front of a home crowd the opposing team wanted to not only salute them but shake their hands.

Over the years stories of hockey players off the ice have usually at some point involved some sort of debauchery. Much to their delight, these kinds of things have dried up more now that social media exists, but it’s very seldom that players will even try to hide their good deeds from the social pipelines.

The Sedins’ may have also been some of the first to do that, as they actively tried to anonymously donate $1.5 million to the BC Children’s Hospital in 2010. A statement was only released on their behalf after hospital officials convinced them the news would encourage more donations from other sources.

The game will miss them. The city of Vancouver will miss them. And I’m sure Daniel and Henrik will miss each other from time to time now they’ll have some separation.

But then again they can just look in the mirror.


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