Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: Already The Face of The Blue Jays?

Baseball’s most exciting prospect has already made his mark on his team this pre-season. In front of 20,000+ fans, in his home town of Montreal, Quebec, game deadlocked at 0-0, bottom of the ninth, Vladdy Jr. steps up and does this:


Talk about a flair for the dramatic! It’s a performance that is driving Blue Jay’s fans wild and making an uncomfortable reality a little more palatable. Josh Donaldson may be as good as gone for Toronto, but Guerrero Jr. is right around the corner and ready to keep bringing the rain from 3B.

With his battery mate Bo Bichette at his side on the infield, Guerrero is bringing the performance he was rumoured to deliver when he signed under Alex Anthopoulos in 2015 as a sixteen year old. The two young stars are the next wave of talent waiting to make the jump to the majors for Toronto fans, and it may be sooner than everyone is expecting.

Guerrero will not start the season on the team. He has an all star thirdbasemen in front of him in Donaldson, and shouldn’t be thrown into the mix in an already messy outfield situation. AA ball seems to be his and Bichette’s landing spot post spring training, which developmentally is the best place for him, opposed to the veteran heavy AAA ball option.

He hit .323 in AA last season, with 13 homeruns and 76 RBIs. He took that impressive stat line and transitioned it into 13 plate appearances this spring (before the two game Montreal series), registering four runs, seven hits, one homerun, and identical .538 batting averages and on base percentages.

With a cool head and ice in his veins, the Dominican teenager comes from good stock with a strong Canadian heritage. Side by side with his Expos star father Vlad Sr., baby Vlad seems to have picked up a few things from his old man:

Moon. Shot.

Damn, I actually cannot wait for the start of the 2019 season. Should Toronto fall out of playoff contention early Josh Donaldson could be moved to a playoff contender, making space at thirdbase. However, the Blue Jays have brought in a WILD number of infielders this off season who could step into that role before Vlad would. If the Bringer of Rain is dealt Blue Jays fans can reserve some hope that Vlad may make a late summer appearance with roster expansion.

Regardless of rare appearances this season, Vlad and Bo seem locked in to have strong years in AA and bring youth to the left side of the infield for the Blue Jays in the near future. Despite a garbage year last season, and a possible repeat this season, Toronto has some impact prospects who are on the verge of making it and it’s exciting.

Too early to say it? Probably. But I will anyways, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is already the face of the Toronto Blue Jays, purely out of anticipation. And – it’s a good thing. Homegrown talent with Canadian heritage, seems like Blue Jays have taken a page out of the Maple Leaf’s playbook here.

Dynasty in the making?

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