You Like That!? Vikings Sign Best Available QB, Swap With Broncos

Not since the blue jean wearing, colour swapping patriot Brett Favre traded his Packers green for Minnesota purple have the Vikings seen such a successful year, as far as quarterbacks are concerned. Case Keenum and Sam Bradford combined for an unlikely duo to take Minnesota to the Divisional Championship round, and gave the fans something to cheer for outside of Adrian Peterson for a while now – so why change it up?

The change is revolving around all three Viking’s quarterbacks – Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and beloved Teddy Bridgewater.

Bradford is set to sign with the Arizona Cardinals after not getting extended by the Vikings. He had two games under his belt before getting injured this season, in maybe the most unsurprising news of all time. Bradford was a panic buy after Bridgewater’s offseason injury two years ago (now), but the team is right to move on. He is too unpredictable, even with his high upside.

Bridgewater, after exploding his knee in a non-contact injury so bad he had his teammates crying and asking “God Why??” Bridgewater played in his first game in nearly two seasons for Minnesota. It was garbage time in a 34-7 win over Cincinnati and despite his stat line reading 0-2, 1 INT the Vikings faithful were collectively cutting onions, seeing their ‘QB of the future” under center again. Now likely to join the New York Giants, Bridgewater has been passed by from teammates and coaching staff and has lost out on two major years in his career. Ah, what could have been.

Case Keenum, a likely candidate for the franchise tag in Minnesota is also not going to be moving forward with the Vik’s after the most surprising performance in the 2017/18 season. He was sensational and most importantly consistent for the entire year. After rookie running back Dalvin Cook dropped with a season ending injury in week 4 many thought Keenum would come back down to earth – wrongo.

Keenum peppered receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen down field, while feeding the running back duo of Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray at a steady pace. Despite the unforgettable season, including The Miracle in Minneapolis, I think the Vikings are right to move on from him. It seemed like the bubble would pop all season, and it took until the divisional championship game to do so, but his success seemed so unlikely I’m still not convinced he could do it again.

So who is going to replace this entire QB staff? How about the most prized free agent in the 2018 off season.

With the first fully guaranteed contract in NFL history, former Wsahington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will lead the Vikings onto the field in 2018. With the deal reported to be near $90 million over three years, Cousins is cashing in on his gun-slinging QB style and I am FIRED UP.

With a 27/13 TD to INT ratio, Cousins lives and dies on his arm. Minnesota is a strong pick simply because of their team construction. They are elite on defense, have two all star receivers, a dynamic young running back, and are looking to improve on an already improved offensive line. Cousins will thrive in purple and improve an already strong favourite to go deep in the playoffs again next season.

Oh yeah, Minnesota is also “finalizing” a trade with Denver to pick up Trevor Siemian as  a backup quarterback. Unless injury strikes Siemian is nothing more than a backup, but I won’t hold his lackluster 2017 season in Denver against him. After a good start to the season the entire Broncos team fell off a cliff and into the bottom of their division.

Regardless of last year’s success I love the attitude of the Viking’s front office – if you can get better, do it. Rick Spielman, GM of the Viking’s is all in, and it about damn time for Minnesota to win something.

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