David Gold Sends Strong Message To Twitter Troll

Coming off of a fan related incident following a horrific loss at Swansea, Board man and co-owner of West Ham United, David Gold snaps back at a twitter question about his club.

Clearly in no mood to patronize a fan who has checked out on West Ham, Gold simply suggested ‘Mark’ not renew his season tickets if hes not all in on his team.

For all of the trash Gold tweets out that seems to pour gasoline on the fire, this was not an example of that. Its quick, sharp, and poignant, and I can’t disagree.

This response comes after the Swansea game where pregame Gold was seen contributing, literally out of his own wallet to the Isla collection bucket run by Baz Cox and post game appealing to out of line fans.

Whether you believe him or not that is up to you, but for me Gold has never been the problem with West Ham. He talks to fans, he is often visible, and he is a West Ham fan.

Bottom line, this tweet is awesome. Mark, if you’re not with West Ham 100%, there is a line of people who will take your season tickets. Just don’t come rushing back should the team turn it around.

Come On You Irons!


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