West Ham Not Alone In Wigan Disappointment

West Ham have the most highly touted squad join them in FA Cup disappointment as 2018’s team of destiny, Wigan Athletic, topple Manchester City in a stunning win. West Ham, who have been undermanned and appropriately outgunned in all extra-curricular tournaments this season, were not so surprisingly handed a loss at the hands of the EFL League 1 side.

The man responsible for both goals against West Ham, Will Grigg, was at it again. He converted the only shot on target for Wigan, a stat which a salty Pep Guardiola brought forward post game to discredit Wigan.

Every year it seems that the domestic tournaments produce a team or two who defy the odds and make a miracle run deep. Wigan is just that for this season, and the pouty, pissy mood of Pep Guardiola shows a lot about his character in this situation. Shrugging post game, slouched in his seat, and overly critical of the team that beat him, Pep seemed to have no understanding of the gravity of the situation.

Fabian Delph, a player who dove leading to a goal for Manchester City in their 2-1 win over West Ham this season was red carded in extra time at the first half. Many viewers thought the player and fan reaction caused the referee to adjust his card in hue from yellow to red, but for any West Ham fan its an instance of delayed justice for the player.

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola playing victim in this match really does seem pathetic. The most expensive squad, costing over £700 million, Manchester City should be able to shut down a League 1 team with ten men. Excuses, excuses, I guess money can’t buy happiness OR an FA Cup trophy!

With a pitch invasion to end the game, City now are threatening legal action against Wigan fans who have been accused of harassing and spitting at/on Sergio Aguero. If true there is no place for spitting in the game – i’m sure the Wigan fans calling for Arthur Masuaku’s head will agree with that, no? Regardless of the fallout, with the overly sensitive world we now live in we have to be bubble wrapped at all times, and in this instant maybe have a spit-proof umbrella.

It sort of takes the sting out of what is still an embarrassing game for West Ham, doesn’t it? Wigan couldn’t fill their stands, their wage bill a shadow compared to West Ham, a Hammer spitting at their team getting a red card and ban, and a striker netting a brace on a tragic handball decision. But, hey – if Manchester City lose to them that is all anyone is going to talk about. Not a shallow team, no excuse of a failed transfer window, and top European elite talent. Manchester City bottled it badly, and West Ham are option 1a on the beneficiary list!

Come On You Irons!

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