Why Tony Henry Sacking Shows More Than a Guilty Conscience

West Ham United sack their Director of Scouting Tony Henry after his quotes about African players. I would assume everyone saw this coming, but it could lead to more Mayhem for David Moyes than it would see.

Henry’s comments were horribly constructed and shined a necessary light, outside of the grieving fan base for another pitiful transfer window gone by, on the ludicrous nature of West Ham’s upper management team. Whether he was not understood, or didn’t mean what he said, a director of scouting, who is in multiple countries watching players from across the globe should know how to formulate a sentence that doesn’t sound racist. Ironically, after the window passed, the “mayhem” caused by African players at West Ham, as said by Henry, does not compare to the insanity in the board room.

West Ham were quick to fire Henry after investigation on the incident was concluded. This is where things get interesting – put on your tinfoil hats. West Ham hired Moyes as manager to organize the squad and keep the team up. For the most part this has been a success, although the season is not over yet. Moyes, who has worked with Henry at Everton in the passed, was poised to strengthen his squad with the fine relationship between him and his scouting director.

After the firing of Henry, and the January transfer window that saw two first team players brought in for a side reeling from injuries, the writing could be on the wall for Manager Moyes.

The fan base on social media was hardly split when Moyes was appointed, shouting out that he was the cheap option, would bring boring football, and that he hasn’t been a solid manager since Everton. But, after a string of solid performances (in the Premier League), he seems to have the full support of the armchair pundits, myself included.

Moyes is essentially managing for a future in football. Should West Ham end their season an not be relegated, I believe he will have new life in his managerial career, anything higher than 17th and it is a lock. However, I now highly doubt that that future will be at West Ham. With his longtime business partner fired without a second thought, and a window that saw minimal effort in getting Moyes the players he wanted, the board of West Ham could be signalling that Moyes will only last this season at the club.

It makes sense insofar as believing the line that West Ham will be going to the ‘next level’ after leaving Upton Park for the Olympic Stadium. A defensive minded, grind-it-out manager isn’t really where the club want to be, so bringing in players that would suit that style for Moyes would, for the board, not be wise investments.

After his sacking from Watford this season, unexpectedly so, many would assume West Ham could make a move for Marco Silva as their next manager. I would support this, but that signing would need to come with a substantial budget over £50 million.

Alright, tinfoil hats off now.

Firing Tony Henry was the right thing to do for West Ham, and it opens up more opportunity for next level development. Could this void be filled with a director of football for the club? It would certainly be welcomed if it saw David Sullivan stepping down from the role of transfer negotiator!


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